Job Roles during and after a childcare apprenticeship

Job roles as a childcare apprentice:>

Getting enrolled in childcare apprenticeships involves working with children to take their care in a responsible manner. As a childcare apprentice, you may have to take care of children as a part of on-the-job training. This may take you to be working as:

A nursery assistant assisting the teachers and helpers in handling small children, keeping them engaged and happy, interacting with them, taking care of their personal needs. Additional support catering to the additional support needs of the children helping the teachers.

A daycare worker.

An assistant in playgroups of children.

Job prospects after apprenticeship program:

Once you have taken up the requisite training and got skilled in the childcare, you will be awarded a nationally recognized certification. This is a certificate of trust that an employer who seeks to hire you will have in you and your abilities. Various jobs are open in childcare apprenticeship.

  • Kindergartens
  • Play way schools
  • Nursery care in hospital wings

Daycare centres in various organizations where children of the staff are taken care of. Many organizations are led by employers who ensure that their employees have happy families. A happy employee tends to be more loyal to the organization and his/her work in the organization. These days, daycare centres for employees' children have become very common.

  • Babysitting
  • You can pursue your own childcare centre and explore it as a business opportunity.
  • Responsibilities as a childcare professional:

    Every child needs attention. But, the parents cannot be present everywhere and at all times. As a childcare professional, you will be responsible for a healthy and happy child within your care. Childcare apprenticeships ensure that the child is as much being cared for as by a parent.